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Terrorist forces have seized control of Clarington Woods. They’re working with a Foreign Buyer to unleash a poisoned syrup supply to the world! Coalition Forces have been sent in! 

So what happened?? Were the Coalition Forces able to destroy all of Syrup Airdrops? Was the terrorist base camp and Chemical Plant destroyed? If they weren’t…what happened?? What about the Foreign Buyer? Did he slip away with the poisoned syrup supply? And if he did… what happens now?? 

And what the hell is the Dreadnought!?.. and why is it roaming the woods of Clarington? 

Find out all this and more at the exciting conclusion to Maple Storm 🍁 IV, October 25th, 2020!

The story continues! For all of you attending both days and those traveling in from out of town, Clarington Woods Campgrounds will be open and available for overnight stays, free of charge. Campfire will be provided, BBQ dinner will be available and the snack attack shack will stay open late for your night time cravings. 

FYI.. There might also be some night ops.. just sayin’ 🤫

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