The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.

Sun Tzu

These rules are subject to changes, amendments and updates from time to time – it is YOUR responsibility as a player to ensure that your knowledge of the rules is current.

 All players Must agree to abide by these rules and laws at all times; failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the field. We reserve the right to ask you to leave at anytime for not being in compliance with the rules. No refunds will be provided.

Upon arrival, you understand and accept any and all liabilities and risks of loss, injury and damages to yourself and/or your property. We (the property owners, and game planners) accept no personal responsibility or liability for any Injuries, damages, or losses that may occur while you are on the property. Please take note, this is a forest and there may be irritating plant and animal/insect life on the field.

No one under 18 will be permitted on the field or to handle any airsoft weapons unless the current event has been advertised for those under age 18. All persons must sign a personal waiver to participate in an airsoft event. Persons age 15-17 must have an accompanying an adult sign their waiver. Persons age 12-14 must have an accompanying adult with them on the field.

All guns will remain in bags, boxes, firearm cases or otherwise covered until you are in the staging area.

The field fps limit is 400fps with a .20g BB for all semi or full automatic firearms. Bolt action Rifles may only exceed 400FPS with a .20g BB if the player has taken a sniper certification course (there will be a generous grace period) I you do not have sniper certification and wish to use a bolt action over 400FPS please see game control before you play. Any and all violation of minimum engagement distance will result in the player being asked to leave the field. All gas operated guns and HPA systems will be chronograph with the BB weight the player will be using on the field with a limit of 1.49 joules.

Bio degradable BBs are required at this field (there will be random checks).

There will be a marked “safe” staging area. There is absolutely no firing (live, dry or otherwise) permitted in this area. When returning to the staging area from the field all players will remove their magazines, point their barrel down in a safe direction and fire it, approximately three to five (3-5) times to clear any BBs from the chamber. The guns will then be switched to safe and remain that way until you return to the play area or test fire at the range.

When handling airsoft guns in the safe area ALL players are expected to point their barrel in a safe direction (pointed up or down) and handle all airsoft guns in a safe manner. Do not sweep your weapon across anyone’s path or have your barrel pointed at someone’s face. All airsoft guns should be treated as if real firearms while in the safe zone. Be nice if someone gently reminds you. blatant disregard of this rule may result in you being asked to leave the field. barrel bags are a requirement in the safe area. (there will be a short grace period) custom Clarington Woods barrel bags will be available at a very reasonable price. all pistols not holstered must have the magazine removed in the safe area. It is expected that all airsoft guns will be treated as real firearms in the safe area.

There will be a designated test firing area (the “Range”) by the chronograph where you may test fire your weapons. Eye protection must be worn at the Range. If you shoot the chronograph, YOU WILL be responsible for ALL replacement costs!

FULL SEAL BALLISTIC EYE WEAR ONLY. No mesh or safety glasses permitted. 

Protective eye wear must be worn at ALL TIMES on the field and at the Range.

No pyrotechnics, fireworks, flammables/explosives etc. without prior approval. We reserve the right to ask you to prove that the item you intend to use is safe for the conditions; this may involve using one in a controlled test.

Please use the provided garbage cans. DO NOT leave any garbage around the safe zone, or field.

When hit in the game you must yell “HIT!” To signify that you have been hit, raise your hand and display your red kill rag for other players to see, then leave the field, or do as the rules of the game would dictate. When a player calls a hit, please make a effort not to shoot people who have been hit.

Mercy Rules only apply if the game dictates so. If the shooter calls “mercy” and the target then decides to decline the mercy, the shooter may engage and fire. Declining mercy can be indicated verbally or by firing upon the shooter that called mercy or other players in the game.

Once hit, refrain from shooting or passing information to your team as it disrupts the game and may get you shot again. Gun Hits will count as elimination if the player does not have a side arm, if the player does have a side arm they must switch to the side arm. No visible lasers are permitted at this field.

NO BLIND FIRING! You MUST look and be able to see where you are shooting!

Do not shoot at any animals, cut down or remove any trees or plant life. If you’re going to “ghillie up”, you can make use of lite vegetation along the path entering the field from the safe zone.

No throwing of training knives. When using one for close combat kills, a touch is enough to eliminate the player. No stabbing or spearing with training knives.

All Players should check the large maps on display to make them selves aware of field boundaries.

In the event of an injury or emergency a “No Duff” call will be made. If you hear this “No Duff” inform those around you, remove the magazine from your weapons, and put them on safe. Absolutely no firing or play will take place and all weapons will remain on safe until the Field Marshall restarts the game. Limited first aid will be available on sight, but for larger or more serious injuries please seek professional medical help. Remember, “No Duff” means that you require assistance; if you can exit the field on your own do so without calling a “No Duff”.

Any safety concerns, questions, etc. should be brought to the attention of the Field Marshall or Rangers to be resolved. Any disputes between players brought to the their attention will be dealt with and their decision will be final. No arguing with the Field Marshall or Rangers will be tolerated.

Everyone who attends the field is expected to drive respectfully on the access roads to the forest. Anyone caught driving recklessly or with excessive speed will not be welcome back.

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are allowed on site. 

No one suspected of being impaired in any way will be allowed on the field

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