Can the Coalition gain a foothold once again or will the Claringstan Forces be rid of them once and for all?
12-hour non-stop play
2 Teams of 100 Players
First Match of the 2021 Season

Game Details:

Saturday May 8th — 12 Hours

200 people  – 2 Teams of 100 players each. Players will sign up for either Coalition OR  Claringstan.

Tickets – $70 each

Rite Of Spring
Over the winter months Claringstan Forces have established a vast network of defenses and built up their manpower in the area of Claringstan. What was once a peaceful place to live has become a hostile location and the long war between Claringstan and Coalition forces have left Claringstan in political ruin. The people of Claringstan are now wary of both sides, with extremist groups supporting the highest bidder. It is now not just a fight for ground but a fight to win the hearts and minds of the people. Weapons and drugs have been a major import/export in Claringstan as of late. Using the Maple Production facilities as a front for their operations, Claringstan forces are able to trade freely with some extremist groups but with the Coalition’s grip on the Airport, their main method of exporting goods is denied. The Coalition still has a few well connected contacts within Claringstan, if they can exploit them and make good use of the intel they may be able to turn the tide. Can the Coalition gain a foothold once again or will the Claringstan Forces be rid of them once and for all?

Game is non-stop, with no set break for any meals. (The BBQ will be grilling throughout the event, serving up hot meals, and the Snack Attack Shack will also have snacks & MREs for on-the-go refueling. Both BBQ Meals and MREs can be pre-ordered when purchasing your event ticket)

8:00 am – Field opens for registration


10:00 am – Game Start-all late players will be admitted as quickly as possible by game staff in an orderly fashion.
**Missions will be given to each team’s command approx every 1-2 hours. There will be points awarded for completion of missions with some weighing more than others.
10:00 pm – Game End

*For people coming far, camping will be allowed the night before but must clear it with game staff/management and given a spot to set up.

Game rules:
Standard Clarington Woods rules in place.

CLARINGSTAN – (NON CAMO, CIVILIAN, CONTRACTOR, PMC,) No camo pants. Solid colours only.
*Please do not sign up for a team if you do not plan to have the proper clothes for it. (example sign up for coalition and send a msg asking if you don’t have matching camo can you still come)

CP (Command Posts)
Your CP will be considered a safe area for the first half of the event. When Game Control notifies Command they will ensure every single person coming back to CP is told that CP’s will be HOT in a certain amount of time. Reffs will make sure to yell it out on the field reminding people CP’s are hot when returning so as to prepare the players for this switch. If you lose your CP, you will be forced to move to a less desirable location, costing you time to move your gear while the other team can consolidate their position for the next objective. Try not to lose your CP.

FPS limits will be heavily enforced with no compromise. 400 FPS on a .2 for AEG and 1.5 Joules (whatever weight) for GBB/HPA/SPRING.

Airsoft Canada Sniper Certification rules for accepting anyone wishing to shoot over 400 fps with a BA/Sniper (Levels 2&3 will only be allowed at events, NOT regular skirmish days).

This is the current ruleset:

Level 1 No Certification 450 FPS with 0.20 (1.88 Joules) MED 100FT

Level 2 Certification 450-500 FPS with 0.20 (2.32 Joules) 200 foot MED 220 foot MED for headshots

Level 3 Certification 500-550 FPS with 0.20 (2.81 Joules) 300 foot MED 330 foot MED for headshots


-full auto allowed in short bursts ONLY

Hit and Medic Rules
When hit a player will yell “hit” and display a kill rag. Then begin a 5 minute bleed out. You may call for a friendly buddy aid or medic but otherwise you cannot speak when you are hit. (DEAD MEN DON’T TALK!) After 5 minutes you can return to base.
If you are in the line of fire of active players you are allowed to move out of the way or lay prone face down to avoid being overshot.
If your gun is hit and you have a back-up (secondary) you can call “gun hit” and continue playing. Your gun cannot be healed. You must return to respawn. Gun hits are fixed at respawn.

Buddy Aid Rules
There will be no medics for this game. Everyone is considered a “medic” and can apply “buddy aid” to a wounded friendly. During the bleed out period a friendly can heal the wounded player. Each player will be given a bright coloured rope. When hit, pull out your rope and have it ready (don’t forget your killrag though). If a player is able to get to you they can tie a knot on the rope while counting to 1 MINUTE. After this time the player is healed. (Place on chestrig, plate carrier strap, somewhere visible) A player may be healed twice TOTAL (SO TWO KNOTS MAY BE TIED IN TOTAL). When administering “buddy aid” please use discretion and ASK BEFORE APPROACHING to tie the knot. IF the person prefers you to NOT tie the knot, THEY CAN TIE THE KNOT THEMSELVES, BUT you must be within a few feet of them and still count to 1 MIN. This is a compromise we will take for sake of making sure people are not behind cover while healing someone out in the open 6 feet away BUT also respecting the wishes of people who do not wish to have physical contact with others. Please use common sense and be respectful as we are still trying to minimize the spread of covid wherever possible.

When vehicles are in play you are to exercise extreme caution when mounting/dismounting, approaching, moving with, etc. The vehicles will have a minimum speed limit under the trees of 15km an hour. Windows will also be down.
In order to knock a vehicle out of play, you must land a smoke grenade directly on top or underneath the vehicle while it is stopped. Tag grenades and foam rockets also count as a kill! If the driver of the vehicle is shot, the vehicle must stop but the gunner(s) may continue firing until the vehicle is rendered “knocked out”.