While MAPLE STORM VI is not a camping event, we recognize that players may be driving long distances to attend and so want to make thangs a little easier for y’all.

Overnight camping WILL be available, at no extra charge, for players who wish to spend the night before playing – Friday and Saturday nights.

We ask that you respect the following rules and Clarington Woods itself at all times; players who are disruptive will be asked to leave the grounds and will lose their spot on the MSVI Roster.

The camping area will open for players at 6pm on Friday.

This will allow for everyone to quickly set up their tents/sleeping areas before nightfall. Camping spots are not reserved and it will be first come, first serve. We will have an area set up for campers to check-in and find out where they can pitch their tent. The weather will be cold overnight; please pack accordingly for warmth and comfort. The large, heated tent can be opened up for players if weather conditions become intolerable.

A large bonfire will be set up and supervised by Clarington Woods Airsoft Park staff so that people may gather to stay warm and if you’ve brought marshmallows, roast yourself something to eat. The fire will be shut down at 11pm, extinguished thoroughly and safely.

Hot food, snacks and drinks will be available to players at both the Snack Attack Shack and during posted times at the MRE Café for BBQ’d meals. Debit and credit cards are accepted throughout the park, please try to use tap on our mobile debit machine to avoid cash-handling during these COVID times.

We ask that players continue to physically distance while camping, make liberal use of hand sanitizer and follow all COVID19 safety protocols to keep yourself, and everyone around you, healthy.

Please use all garbage cans for waste disposal – let’s not make a mess of Clarington Woods!

Security will be present throughout the weekend and will be patrolling overnight as well. Overnight campers are not to wander throughout the woods and players found far from the camping area will be asked to leave the grounds, forfeiting their right to play in MSVI. Due to safety protocols, liability and insurance concerns for the equipment, pyrotechnics and machinery behind MSVI, security will be taken very serious – please don’t do anything stupid and ruin it for your teammates and fellow players. Alcohol, drugs, or any airsoft firearm use in the camping area will result in player removal & play forfeit.

Clarington Woods Airsoft Park cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage which occurs while you are at the park, or overnight camping. All players are asked to use smart practices: don’t leave valuables unattended, lock up what you can and if only camping the night before your match, consider packing and locking up your camping gear before your match starts in the morning. Again, we cannot be held responsible and security will be focused on the match at hand during game play, they will not be patrolling the camping area.

Have fun, stay safe and get a good rest – we need you on the field, comrade!

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