Over 10 acres of moderately dense maple forest with fields, valleys, ridges, multiple structures, trenches and man made cover! A sniper’s paradise!
Daily passes for our regular skirmish games are $35+tax. (Season memberships will be available before the start of the 2021 season and will include admission for regular games, discounts on event tickets, as well as other perks!)
Park gates open at 9am on game day. Following registration and a game debrief, games usually start between 9-10am and we play through till 4pm.
FPS limits will be heavily enforced with no compromise. 400 FPS on a .2 for AEG and 1.5 Joules (whatever weight) for GBB/HPA/SPRING. Airsoft Canada Sniper Certification rules for accepting anyone wishing to shoot over 400 fps with a BA/Sniper (Levels 2&3 will only be allowed at events, NOT regular skirmish days). This is the current ruleset: Level 1 No Certification 450 FPS with 0.20 (1.88 Joules) (MED OF 100 FT) Level 2 Certification 450-500 FPS with 0.20 (2.32 Joules) 200 foot MED 220 foot MED for headshots Level 3 Certification 500-550 FPS with 0.20 (2.81 Joules) 300 foot MED 330 foot MED for headshots MED: MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE
Yes, there are multiple rental guns offered at $30/day. A Pro Shop lives on site where you can purchase consumables and/or gear.
Typically it will be Green VS Tan camo, although if teams become unbalanced high visibility arm bands will be used to distinguish teams.
NO. FULL SEAL BALLISTIC EYE WEAR ONLY. No mesh or safety glasses permitted. Protective eye wear must be worn at ALL TIMES on the field and at the Range. IF you are unsure about your eye protection, please ask staff for help.
All matches are 18+ unless accompanied by an adult. 13 years old is the minimum age for our field.
Yes. The MRE Cafe will be open at lunch time and the Snack Shack will be open all day for a quick pick me up.
We recommend comfortable footwear that is meant for hiking or trails, long pants, long sleeves, and gloves. Just remember to dress for the weather and if attending an event; read the dress code.
While we recognize Clarington Woods is an incredible outdoor space, it IS a business located on Private Property. Visiting Clarington Woods outside of regular hours/special events - unless accompanied by Clarington Woods staff - is trespassing and anyone found on the property will be treated accordingly with an immediate Park Ban, or criminal Trespassing charges. Due to the nature of the property and the activities taking place outside of airsoft (film shoots, maple syrup production, firearms testing, hunting, as well as regular grounds maintenance) unauthorized access becomes a safety issue as well: we take trespassing VERY seriously and will respond accordingly. If you wish to access Clarington Woods and host a private event/filming, please contact us in advance so we can arrange a personalized rental agreement and ensure a safe, private gathering.



Clarington Woods is a combination of dense woods and open fields that provides a wide variety of gameplay & engagements. With lots of man-made cover/outposts, trenches, and various military vehicles, Clarington Woods has everything you could want for an outdoor airsoft experience.

  Our mission is to provide a safe, amazing experience outdoors.

4680 Darlington Clarke Townline,

Clarington, ON LIC 3K6, Canada
(recommend using coordinates on GPS for pin-point location)

GPS Coordinates:
44°02’52.1″N 78°41’26.8″W

Latitude and Longitude:
44.047805, -78.690779

Location Information:
Field is across from Canadian Tire Mosport Racetrack

(Access field from the NORTH)

Clarington Woods Airsoft Park Location