*** MAPLE STORM 6 ***

Event Date:

October 24, 2020

Event Time:

9:00 am

Event Location:

Clarington Woods Airsoft Park , Clarington

*** This ticket is for the Saturday October 24th MAPLE STORM 6 match ***

From: Central Command – Intelligence Division
Confirmed Terrorist Forces have seized control of Clarington Woods.  Enemy forces have established a FOB (Forward Operating Base) along with a chemical processing facility.  Coalition Intelligence has received Intel reports that an airdrop is scheduled for Oct. 24th @ 1000 HRS over the forest of Clarington Woods. Terrorist Forces intend to retrieve the airdropped syrup and return it to their processing facility to be chemically tainted, repackaged and prepped for sale to a Foreign Buyer intent on poisoning the world.  They’re scheduled to meet at 1500 HRS at the Clarington Airfield.  The syrup will be transported to the Foreign Buyer by armoured convoy.

Coalition Forces

Objective A

– Report to Checkpoint Delta and prepare for Deployment
– Hump into Clarington Woods, seek and destroy all Airdrop Syrup Shipments
– Engage and eliminate all hostile Terrorist Forces
– Execute facility demolition of both the Chemical Processing Facility and the FOB (Forward Operating Base) with extreme prejudice, rendering them useless
– Eliminate any remaining terrorist threats
– Extract to Checkpoint Delta for mission evac

Objective B
 – Intelligence has confirmed reports of a Foreign Buyer, flying into Canada and landing at an airstrip at Clarington Woods for a “Poisoned Syrup Buy”, scheduled for October 24th @ 1500 HRS.
– Should Coalition Forces be unable to eliminate the terrorist threat prior to 1430 HRS, it is imperative that Coalition Units intercept the “Foreign Buyer”, seize control of all “Tainted Syrup” supply and eliminate any potential threats.
– All attempts should be made to take the “Foreign Buyer” into Coalition custody, however, should all attempts fail, the “Foreign Buyer’s” status must be permanently retired and the body returned to Coalition Base Camp for Identity & Kill Confirmation.

Terrorist Forces

Objective A
– Retrieve the Syrup Airdrops from around Clarington Woods and return them to your Chemical Processing Facility to be poisoned and repackaged for transport.  
– Engage and eliminate all Coalition Forces attempting to intercept the airdrop shipments
– Defend the Forward Operating Base and Chemical Processing Facility from Coalition Attacks
– Confirm “Tainted Syrup” has been loaded on to armoured convoy and is ready for transport to the Clarington Airstrip by 1430 HRS
Objective B
– Transport the “Tainted Syrup” to the Clarington Airstrip to meet the “International Buyer” and successfully complete your black market sale.
– Return safely to your Forward Operating Base

Additionally, there have been strange reports coming in to Command.  Soldiers have been reporting strange sounds in the forests of Clarington Woods.  To complicate matters further, other soldiers are MIA and MP’s have had no success in tracking their whereabouts.  There are rumours abound of something called the Dreadnought, roaming through Clarington Woods.  Intelligence is digging deeper, but that’s all we have on the matter for now.  Be aware.  We’ll brief you when more Intel becomes available.

All units are recalled for active duty and are hereby ordered to report to Clarington Woods, “Checkpoint Alpha” by 0900, October 24th, 2020.  Make no mistake people, this is War!  Ensure all your paperwork has been filed with Command, your kit’s in order and you’re ready for battle.  This is the largest conflict we’ve ever engaged.   I’m confident our forces will prevail!
That is all for now.  Stay frosty, more orders to follow.
– Commander X

The Pro Shop will be open with all the bits you may need from batteries, BB’s, gas, gas cartridges, rental packages, even a selection of some high end AEG’s & Pistols!!  Check out the Pro Shop when you arrive for more information and weekend flash deals.

Certain rentals & consumables can be added to your ticket purchase here, with the items arriving at park open on the date you have purchased.

Location has hills, valleys, ridges, open fields and multiple structures.

Perfect for snipers with 50+ acres.

FPS limit is 400fps with a .20g BB

  • $20 AEG Gun rental with 1 full high cap mag
  • $5 barrel bag (Rental AEG will come with a barrel bag)
  • $10 Red beanie kill hat
  • $20 – $30  BB’s

Please make sure to read all rules on the Rules of Engagement page.

Have any questions? Feel free to check out our F.A.Q. page  or post on our Facebook Page where someone is sure to have an answer for you!

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Event Location:

Total Seat: 100 (0 Left)
  • Clarington Woods Airsoft Park
  • 4680 Darlington Clarke Townline
  • Clarington
  • Ontario
  • Canada

Event Schedule Details

  • October 24, 2020
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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