Clarington Nights

Like a day skirmish, but under the cover of night.

After Dark Play
Shorter Skirmishes
Improve Your Skillset

Game Details:

Friday May 14th, 2021

$25 / ticket.

7-11pm. Walk-ons allowed!

Clarington Nights  1

Clarington Nights is similar to our skirmish games but held at night with reduced hours. For those looking for more night time “low light” games or interested in learning more about “low light” games these events are something to consider. Typically held on Friday OR Saturday evenings from 7-11pm.

There will be a number of games similar to the ones we run on Saturdays and Sundays, mostly skirmish based with short durations. Other times there may be more objective style games while still being light hearted and fun.


6:00 pm – Field opens for registration


7pm – Games Start
11pm – Games End

Game rules:
Standard Clarington Woods rules in place.

-FPS limits will be heavily enforced with no compromise. 400 FPS on a .2 for AEG and 1.5 Joules (whatever weight) for GBB/HPA/SPRING.

Airsoft Canada Sniper Certification rules for accepting anyone wishing to shoot over 400 fps with a BA/Sniper (Levels 2&3 will only be allowed at events, NOT regular skirmish days).

This is the current ruleset:

Level 1 No Certification 450 FPS with 0.20 (1.88 Joules) MED 100FT

Level 2 Certification 450-500 FPS with 0.20 (2.32 Joules) 200 foot MED 220 foot MED for headshots

Level 3 Certification 500-550 FPS with 0.20 (2.81 Joules) 300 foot MED 330 foot MED for headshots



No visible lasers are permitted at this field. Class 1 or IR lasers are permitted with proof of documentation.