Clarington Woods Airsoft Park

is a combination of dense woods and open fields that provides a wide variety of gameplay & engagements. With lots of man-made cover/outposts, trenches, and various military vehicles, Clarington Woods has everything you could want for an outdoor airsoft experience.

Exclusively Members-Only, Clarington Woods is a private club with an Annual Membership required. Memberships will be available for purchase at the Park when we reopen on Saturday July 3rd, or online here over the next few weeks.

For all details on our Annual Membership, visit the News post here.

As always, join in on our private Facebook Group "Clarington Woods Airsoft" to stay up to date in our community.




Members: Get your Special Event tickets here for adventure outdoors at Clarington Woods!


Regular Weekend Matches

Our Walk-On Games are held Saturday & Sunday from 10am-4pm. Park will open at 9 am both days to allow players to register and gear up. Admission is $35 + tax for members, non-members must purchase an Annual Membership. Must be over 18 if unaccompanied by an adult. 12 years old is the minimum age to play..

Special Events

Occasionally we run full 12 hr - 24 hr events which would take the place of a normal "walk-on" day. Please check our schedule to make sure you're attending the right game!

Milscrim Events

A Milscrim event is a game that attempts to bridge the gap between “skirmish/pick up games” to full out Milsim. This may be reflected with certain uniform requirements, game length and ruleset.

Milsim Events

A Milsim stands for Military Simulation. When signing up for these events, you are signing up for a more immersive experience that has specific rules. Make sure you are prepared with the right mindset and are willing to follow the rules set forth. Again these can be reflected with uniform requirements, chain of command, comms structure, possible limits on ammo, etc.



Want to train with your team? All members can contact us for exclusive private booking during our OFF HOURS.


Prefer shorter, skirmish based games? New to the sport? Join us Saturdays & Sundays from 10-5pm.


Looking for a challenge? Check out our longer, more immersive Events ranging from 12-24hrs!